ANNIHILATOR Guitarist Confirms He Has ESP

September 26, 2005, 18 years ago

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ANNIHILATOR guitarist/founder Jeff Waters has offered the following response to a fan's question asking why Waters no longer uses Hamer guitars and if a Waters signature guitar is in the cards. It appears in the official Annihilator fan forum:

"Hehe; funny how I just typed something about this up for a press release coming soon....

Haven't talked to Hamer since 1991. Been using different guitars (SG's/Gibson, Vees, etc....) for some years but I have discovered the amazing ESP guitars for five years now. I first got addicted to the KK Downing style ESP V-350. Then onto the Mustaine Vees. Hooked for life. Well, ya never know, but hooked for now!

I get offeres to have Waters guitars built but honestly, why would I wanna play a Waters guitar when I could play an Angus SG or a KK V or Mustaine V?? Hehe!"


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