BravePicks 2015 - The Scribes Speak: Alitzia Tyminski

January 6, 2016, 8 years ago

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BravePicks 2015 - The Scribes Speak: Alitzia Tyminski

Now that we have completed the BravePicks Of 2015 countdown - which Slayer ruled supreme (see the entire list here) - it is time now to shine the spotlight on the people that actually built our mountain of metal! It is a massive task, as BraveWords gets flooded with hundreds and hundreds of releases, showcasing the fact that the scene is as vibrant as ever! Each day, the BraveWords scribes will chat about the good, bad and ugly for 2015 and thoughts on this year! So check out our individual Top 20s (new studio albums ONLY),  Top 5 Brave Embarrassments, Top 3 Concerts, What/Who Needs To Stop In 2016? and Metal Predictions For 2016.

BravePicks 2015

Alitzia Tyminski

1)  KILLING JOKE - Pylon (Spinefarm)
2)  PARADISE LOST - The Plague Within (Century Media)
3)  CHELSEA WOLFE - Abyss (Sargent)
4)  LEVIATHAN - Scar Sighted (Profound Lore)
5)  DODHEIMSGARD - A Umbra Omega (Peaceville)
6)  VATTNET VISKAR - Settler (Century Media)
7)  KEN MODE - Success (Season Of Mist)
8)  SANNHET - Revisionist (Flenser)
9)  TRIBULATION - The Children Of The Night (Century Media)
10)  VHOL - Deeper Than Sky (Profound Lore)
11)  ENSLAVED - In Times (Nuclear Blast)
12)  IRON MAIDEN - Book Of Souls (Parlophone)
13)  AUTHOR & PUNISHER - Melk En Honing (Housecore)
14)  HATE ETERNAL - Infernus (Season Of Mist)
15)  REVENGE - Behold.Total.Rejection (Season Of Mist)
16)  GRAVE - Out Of Respect For The Dead (Century Media)
17)  PRURIENT - Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore)
18)  QUEENSRŸCHE - Condition Human (Century Media)
19)  KRALLICE - Ygg Hurr (Self-Released)
20)  SWALLOW THE SUN - Songs From The North I+II+III (Century Media)

Top 5 Brave Embarrassments

1) FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Got Your Six (Prospect Park): And by "six" they mean inches of sharp metal with which to puncture your ear drums with. You will be glad you did.

2) OPERATION: MINDCRIME - The Key (Frontiers): Is it good? No it Taint.

3) DISTURBED - Immortalized (Warner): This album "immortalized" my hatred of this band.

4) AUGUST BURNS RED - Found in Far Away Places (Fearless): "Found in far away places … if only we could be so lucky.

5) DANZIG - Skeletons (Nuclear Blast): Danzig certainly picked the life and meat off these bones.

Top 3 Concerts
1) JUDAS PRIEST - Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Canada  
2) MARTY FRIEDMAN - The Mod Club - Toronto, Canada  
3) OLD MAN GLOOM - Lee's Palace - Toronto, Canada  

Thoughts On 2015
2015 was a year of tremendous highs and soulsucking lows. Interestingly enough the death of Motörhead’s Lemmy (arguably the lowest low in the metal scene since the deaths of Dio, Jeff Hanneman and the creation of Frequency Unknown!) has inadvertently highlighted the strength of the metal genre in that most of the great albums this year one way or another influenced by this irreplaceable talent. Lemmy and Motörhead fused punk, heavy metal and rock to create a style that was the ground zero for speed and thrash metal, which in turn bred death metal and grindcore. One of Venom's influences were Motörhead so the genre of black metal (which in the early ’80's was a rawer and darker version of speed and thrash metal) is also part of Lemmy's legacy. Most albums and bands that stand out do so because they are persistent and follow their own path, something Lemmy did in spades. And now as we dive into 2016, the 12 months ahead of us will hopefully be filled with more groundbreaking albums from both new and established bands. Even though Kilmister is no longer here with us, his presence will be felt in the legacy he left behind.   

What/Who Needs To Stop In 2016?
Paint by numbers open string metalcore riffs with good cop/bad cop vocals and Geoff Tate.

Metal Predictions For 2016
Witchcraft's Nucleus - shower with it I did, it's a mind scrambler!


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