Exclusive: THE CROWNED Premier “Kill” Video

December 18, 2015, 8 years ago

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Exclusive: THE CROWNED Premier “Kill” Video

Austin, TX’s The Crowned has plotted up something murderous and BraveWords is their accomplice hosting the premier of their new video “Kill”.

"Kill" was shot and filmed in San Antonio and Austin, TX. Filmed by professional videographer Mark Aaron with Elite films. Mark has filmed The Crowned on three separate occasions now each with excellent quality production. As the videos keep on coming, the more extreme they get. This time, The Crowned added in a new flavor and brought on board Corpse Queen from a band called The Graves babes based out of San Antonio. Her beautiful looks and evil intentions in this video went together very well along with her gorgeous singing voice.

The Crowned has been killing it on stage since late 2013. With four singles available online, three of which are music videos now, The Crowned will be anticipating a full-length album in 2016. As crazy as The Crowned's videos are, fans can definitely expect something extreme in the future.

The Crowned play a music style similar to All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, and Unearth compiling heavy riffs with melodic parts, guitar solos, breakdowns, singing, and screaming putting forth lots of energy on stage with great concert performances. 

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