GALDERIA - Creating An Alternate Musical Universe

November 28, 2012, 11 years ago

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By Kelley Simms

While trying to describe French power metal band GALDERIA’s sound, it’s a classic case of envy — but in the highest form of flattery. It’s like looking over your neighbors fence and fancying what they have in their garden. The phrase is utterly British, but ever so eloquently put in this instance. It means to be heavily influenced by something, which ultimately Galderia can be accused of. The band heavily borrows from iconic German power metal bands such as FREEDOM CALL, GAMMA RAY and HELLOWEEN.

However, extreme metal bands such as GORJIRA, ETHS and KELLS grab more of the spotlight in their homeland. Clearly, there is a pretty big gap in popularity between the two genres.

“In France, you can find a little underground metal scene with a lot of good bands that deserve more than little filthy pubs to play in,” vocalist Seb said. “The scene is only surviving thanks to enthusiastic people.”

The band’s obvious Gamma Ray influence is easily recognized within Galderia’s music and Seb wears his influences on his sleeve like a newly-screen printed concert shirt.

“Yes, you are right. Gamma Ray is one of my major influences in music but also in my own life. And, to be true, I wanted for my album the same feeling that you can get on the album Somewhere Out in Space. For me, it's the album with the highest spirit of union that I have ever heard. Full of light, hope and unity. This album perfectly sums up the spirit and the way of Galderia.”

Galderia’s full-length debut release, The Universality, is based on the universal spirit of unity with a definite emphasis on symphonic arrangements and hugely-layered vocal choir harmonies as its musical foundation.

“In my own point of view, the entire Creation is like a cosmic ocean of energy where All is One and where this One is put in the heart of everything. I see it like a universal unity where everything is connected to the whole. Nothing can be outside. Like all drops of water that compose an ocean. From the higher point of view you can only see the ocean, in his wholeness, but if you take a closer look, like the focus of a camera,  you can see all drops of water that create the ocean. And all of us, mankind, but also the stars and the galaxies, like the drops of the ocean, are part of it all. We are not different from the universe. We are part of it, we are it. We are One! That is the meaning I give to the word Universality.”

The Universality isn’t a concept album per se, but it does have the theme of unity running through it with lyrics reflecting the positive side while delivering music full of power and passion.

“All the songs are connected with the same spirit, the message of Universality and the awakening of the humanity to this reality. No Science Fiction for me there, only my own perception of life that I share with my music. I  think that our message makes us special as Galderia. For me, it's more than my band, it's my way to express the call of my eternal soul. Music is vibrating energy that you put inside and I think that mankind needs light in the times that we live. So this is my way to bring a little ray of light and hope to the world. I know that Galderians will hear the call!”

Although Galderia’s brand of ’90s-influenced Euro power metal is highly commendable, it might not get the attention it deserves in 2013. But not surprisingly, Seb has a positive outlook for the future of Galderia.

“Yes, the times have changed for this style of music,” Seb sums it up. “But this is the music that I love to create, above all. So I will play it until the end, even if I am the last one! For me, it's the most powerful music that exists, and the best vector of universal power. I hope that this album will bring us a larger world wide visibility. Galderians of the world have to hear the call! I can already say that another album will follow this one. Inspiration fills my days!”

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