IMPELLITTERI To Release Career Spanning Box Set, The Complete Beast, In October

September 19, 2023, 10 months ago

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IMPELLITTERI To Release Career Spanning Box Set, The Complete Beast, In October

When legendary guitar shredders are mentioned, it doesn't take long for Chris Impellitteri's name to come up, spoken of in the same breath as legends like Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai. Superstars in Japan and with international sales of over 2 million records, Impellitteri the band were inducted into the 2023 Metal Hall Of Fame.

This lavish 6CD box, brings together, for the first time outside of Japan, every Impellitteri album and EP release between the band's debut in 1987 until 2009's Wicked Maiden. Also included are numerous bonus tracks and outtakes.

Making for a mammoth career spanning set that is an essential purchase for not just Impellitteri fans, but for fans of melodic heavy metal in general and featuring vocalists Graham Bonnet & Rob Rock.

A message from Rock Rock states: "From the Impellitteri Black EP to the Wicked Maiden CD, this collection brings back a flood of awesome memories of the intense rock and roll that was inflicted upon the world from the blistering guitar work of Chris Impellitteri and the intense vocals of Rob Rock and Graham Bonnet, James Pulli on bass, and several world renown drummers. Each CD marks an era in my mind and heart because we put all that we had into our recordings, and you can hear the development and direction of the band as we journey through these CDs and EPs, listening to the songs and albums once again. This collection is one that the fans of the band will truly enjoy, and the ones that wanted them but couldn't find the CDs locally, can finally get them more easily worldwide. Now it's time to discover the music that Japan/Asia has cherished for decades - Impellitteri!"

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CD 1

Stand In Line (1988):
"Stand In Line"
"Since You’ve Been Gone"
"Secret Lover"
"Over The Rainbow"
"Tonight I Fly"
"White And Perfect"
"Goodnight And Goodbye"
"Playing With Fire"

Grin & Bear It (1992):
"When The Well Runs Dry"
"Ball And Chain"
"Wake Up Sally"
"Power Of Love"
"Under The Gun"
"Endless Nights"
"City’s On Fire"
"Grin & Bear It"

CD 2

Answer To The Master (1994):
"The Future Is Black"
"Fly Away"
"I’ll Wait"
"Hold The Line"
"Something’s Wrong With The World Today"
"Answer To The Master"
"Hungry Days"
"The King Is Rising"

Screaming Symphony (1996):
"Father Forgive Them"
"I’ll Be With You"
"Walk Away"
"Kingdom Of Light"
"Countdown To The Revolution"
"17th Century Chicken Pickin’"
"Rat Race"
"For Your Love"
"You Are The Fire"

CD 3

Eye Of The Hurricane (1997):
"Eye Of The Hurricane"
"Shed Your Blood"
"Fuel For The Fire"
"Race Into The Light"
"Bleed In Silence"
"Master Of Disguise"
"On And On"
"Everything Is You"
"Kingdom Fighter"

The Eps:

Impellitteri EP (1987):
"Lost In The Rain"
"Play With Fire"
"I’ll Be Searching"

Victim Of The System (1993):
"Victim Of The System"
"Visual Prison"
"Cross To Bear"
"The Young And The Ruthless"

CD 4

Crunch (2000):
"Beware The Devil"
"Turn Of The Century"
"Speed Demon"
"Wake Me Up"
"Spanish Fire"
"Slay The Dragon"
"Wasted Earth"
"Forever Yours"
"Texas Nuclear Boogie"
"Fear No Evil"

Pedal To The Metal (2004):
"The Writing’s On The Wall"
"Crushing Daze"
"Dance With The Devil"
"Judgement Day"
"The Iceman Cometh"
"Propaganda Mind"
"Stay Tonight"

CD 5

System X (2002):
"United We Stand"
"Perfect Crime"
"End Of The World"
"She’s A Nighttime Lover"
"Slow Kill"
"Why Do They Do That"
"Rock & Roll Heroes"
"Gotta Get Home"
"What Kind Of Sanity"
"Falling In Love With A Stranger"
"Anti-Social Disease" (Bonus Track)

Live, Fast Loud (Bonus Tracks):
"Visual Prison"
"I’ll Be With You"
"Victim Of The System"
"Walk Away"
"Stand In Line"
"Countdown To The Revolution"
"Lost In The Rain"

CD 6

Wicked Maiden (2009):
"Wicked Maiden"
"Last Of A Dying Breed"
"Weapons Of Mass Distortion"
"Garden Of Eden"
"The Vision"
"Eyes Of An Angel"
"Hi-Scool Revolution"
"Wonderful Life"
"Holy Man"
"The Battle Rages On"

Bonus Tracks:
"Stand Or Fall" (B-Side)
"Tears In The Eyes Of The World" (B-Side)
"Freak Show" (European Bonus Track)
"Cyber Flesh" (Japanese Bonus Track)
"The Fall Of Titus" (American Metal Vs. Swedish Metal) (Japanese Bonus Track)

More Live, Fast Loud:
"For Your Love" (Live)
"Warrior" (Live)
"The King Is Rising" (Live)

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