OZZY OSBOURNE Blames Dyslexia For His Addiction To Alcohol

May 19, 2007, 15 years ago

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According to Adam Nutburn from Showbizspy.com, OZZY OSBOURNE, who claims that he’s been clean and sober for two years, says that he started drinking because he struggled to cope with his learning difficulty.

He told English newspaper The Daily Telegraph: “I’ve always been in fear, always blamed myself for situations that have got nothing to do with me. You wake up every day and think, ‘Why am I feeling like this?’ I’d be afraid because I didn’t feel afraid. Alcohol made it temporarily go away, but, as time went on, the fear was breaking through the alcohol. By then I couldn’t put the alcohol down.”

The BLACK SABBATH star also revealed that the family’s hit TV show The Osbournes was originally going to be subtitled - because nobody could understand what he was saying.

Ozzy, who is famous for his mumbling accent, and scoffing on a bat, admits even he had trouble understanding himself on his family’s reality series.

He said: “Even I couldn’t understand what the fuck I was talking about on television. People would go to me, ‘What country do you come from?’ They were going to subtitle it. They could have fucking subtitled it in Arabic - it wouldn’t have made any difference.”

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