ROBERT FRIPP & TOYAH Perform DAVID BOWIE's "Heroes" For Remembrance Sunday 2023

November 13, 2023, 7 months ago

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ROBERT FRIPP & TOYAH Perform DAVID BOWIE's "Heroes" For Remembrance Sunday 2023

King Crimson founder Robert Fripp and his wife, Toyah Willcox, paid tribute to veterans for this week's Sunday Lunch video, performing the David Bowie classic, "Heroes". Watch the clip below:

Toyah recently revealed in an interview with eonmusic that a movie of the Sunday Lunch series is in the planning. The phenomenon, which sees Toyah and partner Robert Fripp cover songs from across the rock spectrum, started life during the lockdown, and has grown into a "phenomenon", according to the singer.

Toyah made the revelation while speaking to sonmusic's Eamon O'Neill ahead of her performance at Rewind South in Henley-on-Thames in August.  

Speaking about how Sunday Lunch has taken off; Toyah said; "Well, the Sunday lunch phenomenon, which is a worldwide phenomenon, it's basically, we picked up on classic rock, and our treatment of rock is; if you can teach Mozart and Beethoven in schools, then why can't you teach classic rock? Because that's what it is now; rock from Led Zeppelin, rock from Black Sabbath; it's classic, it's never going to go away. And it's something that I think, kids would really love learning about. That's not that we're going on the road and being educational, but our show kind of goes on a journey with artists we know, artists who visit us in our homes."

Going on to reveal that a movie about Sunday Lunch is on the way, Toyah said; "We have a documentary crew following us, and we have quite a big production company scripting an idea at the moment. Obviously we won't be in it. It's for actors to play, but that's all in the back kind of pool of what do you call pre-production. All of that's going on."

Asked when the movie might see the light of day, she was however, less committal; "I mean, movies take years, you know, for the even scripts to be accepted, so who knows what will happen?"

Read the interview here.

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