SEASON OF GHOSTS - Exclusive Premiere Of New Video "A Place To Call Home"

July 13, 2018, 6 years ago

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SEASON OF GHOSTS - Exclusive Premiere Of New Video "A Place To Call Home"

BraveWords is proud to present the exclusive worldwide premiere of Season Of Ghosts new single, "A Place To Call Home", taken from their forthcoming album, A Leap Of Faith, which is due for a Autumn 2018 release. 

Mastermind/vocalist Sophia comments on the clip:

"When you create something earnestly, with people you love, it radiates all over, it cannot be overshadowed by anything. That’s how I live my life, how I create. Earnestly. This song, this video was no different. 

It all started from an idea that Max, our drummer, had. He said he knew a company that operates helicopters and thought it would be cool to use it for a video. Somehow it seemed to fit in with back story of the song. The lyrics are about trying to rediscover yourself, redefine your direction, re-calibrate your life purpose. Sometimes we get lost along the way, distracted by petty, every day disturbances, viruses of the soul that we allow to command us. Those viruses can be so strong, they can impede our ability to see, to be who we are, we forget our mission, as our brain becomes cloudy and sometimes our reflection in the mirror looks awkward, funny, unfamiliar. This is the story behind 'A Place To Call Home'.  

Of course, in practice, trying to tell the same story on video with some of your favourite people in the world, can have miscellaneous results. We agreed to fly Intetsu from Japan for this video. He’s a long time friend and work partner, from back when I worked with his Visual Kei band, AYABIE. Nowadays, he also is a videographer and having him around was a blessing. His way of work is so smooth and comforting, even for the camera-shy, like me. What particularly impressed me was the fact that while I was about to throw up when the helicopter was maneuvering across the Italian skies like crazy, he was shooting in the cabin with the calmness of a Zen master. 'That's dedication!' I thought, while I kept shouting at the pilot to stop spinning us around like we were possessed."   

Sophia recently spoke exclusively with BraveWords and revealed some details about the making of the band's new album, A Leap Of Faith. Following is an excerpt from the discussion.

Sophia: "There was no specific goal, because I tend to work intuitively, letting my inner voice guide me towards any result and it always turns out that it was something worth putting out into the world, I feel content about it. The Human Paradox (debut album released in 2014) was an experiment, born of my desire to express my creativity and show the real me to the audience who had affectionately been following me for years. It was my chance to explore paths I'd always wanted to explore but couldn't, being part of a band that I didn't have a voice in - ironically enough, although I was the singer. The Human Paradox was born out of a repressed amalgam of energies, agony, distress, caused by my life events that period, including leaving my old band (Blood Stain Child) on very bad terms, trying to start Season of Ghosts in 2012, but facing major setbacks until 2014, when it was finally released. So the goal, for this album was to provide the next chapter of my tale, now our tale, an honest, in-your-face, loud statement, a reminder to ourselves we're still alive."

The album is available for pre-order here.

Sophia: "Season of Ghosts is an independent, self-financed band, so it’s very important that you help us spread the word about this campaign and our band activities, to your friends and anyone who might be interested. Thank you for everything!"

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