TANITH - Voyage

June 3, 2023, a year ago

(Metal Blade)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 8.5

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TANITH - Voyage

Pleasant to see Tanith continue with their efforts and Voyage is their second album – following 2019’s In Another Time. Featuring Satan axman Russ Tippins on guitar, Voyage continues their melding of vintage hard rock/heavy metal stylings. With definite callbacks to the ‘70s, this time around Tanith tones down the folk influences and utilize their proficient rhythmic abilities with great precision.

With strong musicality, and as pointed out in my review of their debut what sets Tanith apart is the vocal duo of Tippins’ friendly English voice and bassist Cindy Maynard’s warm, peaceful tone. They use their voices to set certain moods while creating lush harmonies that doesn’t overdo it. Just like with In Another Time, their vocal melodies and musical prowess takes listeners to a different period – a strange world with songs delving into mythology and fantastical tales.

A couple tracks meld strong choruses fit for classic radio, especially in the jubilant, motivating “Flame” while the proggy nature “Olympus By Dawn” holds a chorus that will play in listeners’ heads for days. “Architects Of Time” has a march-like beat that jumps in tempo in the latter half of the track – great tune and shows their ability to switch grooves gracefully. “Falling Wizard” could be a lost tune from the early days of Rush while “Adrasteia” could easily fit on a Satan album.

There’s much to love here – some of it will take more time to settle in, unlike the debut which was more immediate, but Tanith’s ability to create vintage heavy metal that doesn’t sound “old” is impressive. Pick this one up – you won’t be disappointed.

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